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What is a Meat Draft?

Good question. It's like a rookie draft in sports. Instead of drafting rookies you're drafing cuts of meat. The cows and pigs taste better anyway.
CHOOSE one person to START the draft
Select OPTIONS like drafting order and how the cost is split
INVITE others to JOIN
BROWSE the listings of local vendors or find your own
ADD cuts of meat
BID on each cut
Run a MOCK DRAFT to see how you'd do before draft-day arrives
SEE the results and GLOAT over the defeated
TRACK who's paid
EAT the DELICIOUS winnings
It's just a tool to help organize a group-buy from a local rancher and make a game of it. It removes some of the work and mystery that we've experienced in the past. We've invested the time to help you invite, sort, divide, trial-run, visualize and track payment so you don't have to.
Gather some friends ...
Gather some friends...
Choose a meat ...
Choose a meat...
Choose a vendor ...
Choose a seller...
Divide it up ...
Divide it up...
Why a Meat Draft?

Our goal at Meat Draft is to get the best grass-fed beef, pork, and lamb onto your dinner table in a fun, easy, and informed way at the best price from local ranchers.

Through experience we've found that it can be great fun to get a group of people together, find local rancher selling quality meat, and divide the meat amongst ourselves. We also know that dividing up the meat isn't always a clear or simple process.

Meat draft was created to make this process easier. We can help you find and rate vendors, and most importantly, help you divide up the meat in a fun, easy, and clear way.

We've found the best way to divide meat comes from sports: the draft. When big money is on the line the pros even the odds with a draft. Select a cut of meat just like you would a fantasy sport athlete. We provide you with information on the different cuts of meat and your projected draft results.
Create a Draft

Getting started is easy. Choose someone to be the draft administrator. The administrator will create the draft by selecting a draft name, date and time, and a number of other options. Others can be invited to join the draft either by using the invite tool or sending out the invite code. Cuts of meat are added to the draft and everyone can bid on the cuts at their leisure. How those cuts of meat are won depends on the bids and the bidding options selected by the administrator.

Example Table of Beef Cuts
Include More Cuts and Options

Additional meat types and a number of advanced options are available to give you the draft you want. A draft can be small and simple or large and complex depending on how many bidders, cuts of meat and options are included.

Example Table of Pork Cuts
Mock Drafts and Results

There's no need to wait until the final draft to see how different bids and draft options will affect the final result. A mock draft can be run at any time allowing draft participants to see what the results would be if the draft were held right then and there. The draft administrator can see how different bidding orders and draft options affect the result. Draft participants can see how bidding choices can affect which cuts of meat are won or lost.

Example Table of Draft Results
Track Payment

MeatDraft helps keep track of how much each participant owes if provided the amount paid to the rancher / farmer. Below is an example (hypothetical) where $50 was paid to the rancher and the draft option was selected to divide the cost equally between the participants without regard for what cuts of meat were won. It's easy to keep track of payments and remind any deadbeats out there.

Example Table of Account Settlement