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Empty Plate Wondering how to join a
Meat Draft?

Have you been been asked to join a Meat Draft? Enter the draft code and search for the specific draft.

Verify that the administrator is the person that invited you to the draft. Anyone can join with the draft code but the admin can give anyone the boot as well.

Once in, check out the draft options and the cuts of meat. Only the draft administrator can change the draft options. Enter your bids prior to the draft and follow up as others make their bids.

Alter your bids at any time before the draft but once the draft is final there is no going back. After the draft, send your payment to the administrator in person or use the PayPal and Venmo links on our site. Most importantly, enjoy the taste of your winnings - delicous local meat.

Gather some friends ...
Gather some friends...
Choose a meat ...
Choose a meat...
Choose a vendor ...
Choose a seller...
Divide it up ...
Divide it up...
Join the Draft

At this point, someone has created a draft and become the draft administrator. The administrator has sent invites or provided the invite code. Enter the invite code above. You can then confirm that you've selected the correct draft by seeing the email addresses of the other participants.

You will also be able to see some of the draft options that the administrator has selected for the draft. Only the draft administrator can change the draft option but all participants can see the selections. Everyone in the draft can run a mock draft to see how the will fair in the final draft. That will give everyone a better idea of what options they'd like.

Vendor Selection

Meat Draft has listings for ranchers and farmers selling quality meat in many locations. The listings can be browsed by location and sorted by user ratings. The vendor profile will list the meats being offered and methods to contact them. Price and deliver date can be worked out with the rancher. Vendors listed on Meat Draft are encouraged to provide a spreadsheet of the cuts provided but there's no guarantee. The price paid can be entered in Meat Draft by the draft administrator to help track how the cost is to be divided and who's paid.

Want to use a vendor not listed on our website? Invite the vendors to make an account on Meat Draft or manually input the cuts of meat and weights. Looking to use Meat Draft to divide up a deer, elk, moose, buffalo or other edible creature? Select ‘other’ under meat type and enter in the meat cuts manually.

Basics of Blind/Open Draft Option

How does a draft work? Prior to the draft date, each participant enters a ranking for each cut of meat, from their first to last preference. When the draft occurs the first person in the draft will receive their first choice. The second person will receive their first choice unless it is the same as the first user. In that case, the second user will receive their second choice instead. The draft proceeds in a like manner until all cuts of meat are drafted. The drafting order is controlled by the drafting options as mentioned previously. Several methods for sorting and drafting are described in the options section of the draft.

The draft type can be Blind or Open. In a blind draft each participant enters a ranking for each cut of meat, from their first to last preference, without seeing the preferences of other users. This increases the uncertainty of the result by not allowing one user to game the system and may be a more honest assessment of what the participants actually want. In an open draft the participants can see the rankings of all the other participants. Once a participant sees the results of a mock draft they will likely adjust their rankings to get what they want. It can be fluid with changes constantly being made right up to the draft date. This provides an opportinuty for last minute surprises.

Advanced Options

Once the meat cuts and weights have been entered and the draft participants have had a chance to bid on the meat and evaluate their drafting position it's time to take a look at the advanced options. The draft order sets the order in which participants draft their cuts of meat and plays a large part in which cuts of meat are acquired. The order can be set using a number of different sorting tools or set arbitrarily by the administrator or adjusted in case of exceptions. A more detailed description can be found on the options page in the draft.

Draft and Pay for Meat

At the selected date and time the final draft occurs and all cuts of meat are apportioned to the draft participants. The draft will then be listed in the Completed Drafts section and the results can be scrutinized further. As with the mock draft, links are provided to see the details of how the draft occurred. A payment tracking page is provided to keep tabs on who's paid and link to payment sites like PayPal and Venmo. Direct payment can also be entered.

Raspberries and Royalty

Meat Draft can help you obtain great food in many ways but trash talking your friends is up to you. Eating a delicious cut of meat only gets better when a friend lost it in the draft to you. Eat like a king and enjoy your winnings!