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Name and Address

Enter the name and address of the ranch. The city, state and zip code will be used to match potential customers with vendors.

Include the website URL if one is available. This will provide customers with additional information about the products available.


Adding a picture is a big plus. Pictures need to either be formatted as .jpg or .png and have a resolution of 72 dpi. The size that can be handled is flexible but it is recommended to be 200-300 pixels wide. The height can be varied for the desired look.
Meat Selection

Enter the types of meat that are available for customers to purchase. This will allow customers looking for a type of meat to contact vendors with that type of meat currently available. The meat selection can be updated at any time as animals become available or unavailable.

A number of other meats can be listed without adding a checkbox for each one.


Enter a description of the products being offered and why they are unique. This is your sales pitch and it should be brief and to the point.