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Cowboy Hat Why list your business on MeatDraft?

People are interested in buying from local producers of quality products. MeatDraft gives you an opportunity for them to discover you and your services - and then enjoy the process of dividing up the meat. Those that find your business through the site may link you to their draft and can leave a review. MeatDraft can help people discover you and hopefully your customers can expand their experience using MeatDraft.

Creating an account is easy. Start by creating a user account selecting Vendor under Account Type. On this particular page "Vendor" is the only option. Your name or alias will be used to distinguish you from the ranch or farm you represent. You will then be prompted for information about your ranch or farm and your contact information will then be listed on Meat Draft.

If you want more from the site you can always provide feedback via our "Contact Us" page. We want to make the site the best it can be for you and those looking for delicious food.

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Gather some friends...
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Why Meat Draft?

Creating a listing is just one more way for people interested in buying local quality meat to find you. But then again, it isn't just about find you. Meat Draft make the process of discovering, dividing and enjoying quality food more of a game.

It's more enjoyable to socialize and play the game than just purchase food. Meat Draft is a tool you can use to help people divide a large group purchase. When a group buys a half-steer you can tell them about Meat Draft. If they have fun they are more likely to buy from you again.


Our expectations of vendor meat is high but our expecation of Meat Draft website usage is low. Basically, create a profile that accurately reflects the meat you offer and good ways to contact you. We ask, and it is a real feature, if you enter the cuts and weights of the meat in a spreadsheet for large orders. That makes it a lot easier to divide the meat. The easier it is for the customer the more likely they will be to repeat the process.


Only participants from a completed draft in which the draft administrator links you to their draft are able to leave a review. That should eliminate some flakes and most bogus reviews. We can add some tools in the future to respond to reviews but at this point it is still under development.

Get Discovered

So how is anyone going to find you? Right now when someone browses for a vendor the listings on Meat Draft are searched by city name (by state) and zip code. If nothing is found the search is extended to surrouding zip codes. Vendors are returned in order of proximity and by total reviews score.