Update the order in which cuts of meat are drafted (i.e. selected) by the participants

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Bidding / Selection Order

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Auto-sort Options

Re-order using the methods below:

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Order of joining this draft

Reverse existing order


None / nevermind

Bidding Order

The bidding order can have a big impact on the results of the draft. Because of this you can manually select the bidding order (left column) or use a number of different auto-sorting options (right-column).

Members of the draft can see the drafting order but they can't change it. Don't be surprised if there is some jockying for position.

You (the draft administrator) can preview the sorting prior to saving actually doing the sorting and saving the results. Be aware that a random sorting is random every time - even for previews and sorting/saving. That means you can randomly sort for some desired order using the Preview button but once you hit the Sort & Save button it will randomly sort again.