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You've been invited to join a Meat Draft! is inviting you to join draft "." The draft is being hosted by and at the time of your invite is set to occur 31 December 1969 at 4:00 PM.

Go to and enter the invitation code below to located the draft. You will then be able to see the draft options and who else has already joined the draft.

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Above you have the option to send invite emails to the draft or copy the invitation code so you send it via whatever other method you'd like - probably your own email account. The invitee will use that code (from the invite email or the copied code) to join the draft.

Just below the invite code you can see that we keep track of the invitations that have been sent. If the invite matches someone that's joined the draft we indicate it as well as if they don't match any of the invites that you've sent.

You also have the option of removing someone from the draft at any time for any reason. Unfortunately, at this time it doesn't ban them from reentering the draft. I guess we're just saying that you should be careful who you invite to join the draft.